Down, Dakota!

by Caleb Groh

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All songs and instruments by Caleb Groh, recorded at home in Lynn, MA.

Mixed and mastered by Chad "The Wall" Wahlbrink.

Contact calebgroh (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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released October 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Caleb Groh Nashville, Tennessee

Caleb Groh (pronounced GROW) howls melodic folk songs about historical and biblical figures in fictional contexts, anthropomorphism, coffee, mythology, and the love of throws as opposed to the throes of love. Caleb won a Boston Music Award for Folk Artist of the Year in 2012. ... more

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Track Name: All That Sultry Summer Long
O God, O God, save my soul, hear this psalm
Will you teach me how to pray to thee?
Well I've seen more stars than the Milky Way and Mars
Just a-livin' and a-dyin' like me

Well I learned this song on Virginia Carter's lawn
And I sang it just to bring me peace
And I loved her a lot all that sultry Summer long
'Til she caught fever on the eve of nineteen

Woe me, Woe me, to have lost, to bereave
But time rolls by so fast
Now I'm clear in Cabaret, work for a petty minor's wage
Hell I've got what I've got, that's that

I take my time when I'm working on a dime
But I sure as hell don't tarry
Even God's got a name, took his rest the seventh day
But I'm working for a girl to marry
Track Name: Matter of Moons
I've been all around the world, never lost my shoes
Always sworn to silence, always spoke too soon
Been up the Rio Grande in a matter of Moons in a manic pursuit of somebody else's truth

You can't get that high in a ferris wheel
You can't find that drive in an automobile
It's a two-headed horse on a carousel
Just give it to God or else find your crutch
Don't ask how much, just pay up front
And sell it to the sky for twice the price when the weather's alright

I've been slapped by a pacifist, loved by a narcissist
Tarred, feathered, tossed, tethered,
All sorts of weathered where I should've known better
Made a chicken-wish, got the better bone
Led the lesser life, learned to leave it alone

Never had a regret, never loosed a secret,
Never washed my sorrow in the valley of morrow
No dust bowl baby's gonna bruise my heel
Track Name: Cairo
Silas makin' his keep, down on Lafeyette St
I ain't ridin' off in no one's sunset here except mine
Baby you can sing it til your water turns wine, honey that's fine
But you're a lover not a leaver, I ain't askin' you to be kind

Old Tom Jefferson down the creek
Playin' that old-time autoharp, singin' me to sleep
Playin' pied piper, old lullabying fiend, Tommy that's keen
Singin' black crook blues, I ain't never had a bad dream

Always talk about leavin' when the work gets tough
Got to Amarillo on a five-card bluff
Takes a little blood, takes a little luck
Takes a little dipper for to fill my cup

No Cairo city gonna crush my heel, ain't no promised land to boast my yield
No use takin' it to heart, never get to know how the West Bank feels if you dally in the dark
How's the weather, Nile Child?
Black cat got my back to the boons
Track Name: Tegucigalpa
O Tegucigalpa sunrise quiet
O Tegucigalpa sunrise gold
Who casts across that allleyway citrus grove
O Tegucigalpa sunrise gold

O confess you little girl to me
O confess you little girl to me
Transgressions 'pon the Heavenly Father's Son
Worst of which was when you set me free

O Comanche on my front porch swing
O Comanche on my porch, asleep
Make peace with me, your tobacco, my tea
For I'm lonesome as a man could be

O Geranium Ibericum
O Petunia in the Bodie sun
What angel sleeps through tribulation's drum?
He who doesn't care to keep redeemed